Nunn Bush

At Nunn Bush we refine our technology to engineer maximum support and cushioning into every shoe. Learn more about our technologies below. This dual density outsole is biomechanically designed for walking. The midsole is created from an soft EVA material to cradle the foot. The outsole is created from a slip-resistant rubber compound that adds traction and durability. Combined with an aggressive rolling impact zone on the heel, these shoes are made for walking. A unique combination of 3 advanced cushioning materials are combined on the top of the footbed to provide exceptional comfort directly to the foot. As the heel strikes the ground a Politec© heel pad absorbs the impact. As your heel lifts up, a Springtec© cushion transfers energy forward. Finally, a third Springtec© pad in the forefoot propels the foot forward. Anatomically designed gel pad designed to absorb the impact of each step and provide cushioning for all day comfort. A unique combination of two foam compounds that you have to feel for yourself to believe. The top most layer is created from memory foam, which forms to your foot for instant comfort. The bottom layer is created from an open cell foam that absorbs the pressure of each step and provides all-day comfort. We’re elevating the discussion of what a multi-purpose shoe can be with All-Terrain Comfort. The right combination of comfort, cushioning and traction. Our lightest outsole yet is created from millions of air bubbles to make the compound as light as possible, while still providing exceptional durability for long-lasting wear.
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