Bamboo Little

Parents know what’s best for their children. When Linda Rosen was raising her three children, baby clothing that looked amazing, felt even better, and was great for the environment, just wasn’t available. As a mom she wanted more for her children but at the time nothing was available.

Years later, Linda discovered that parents still faced the same challenges and were frustrated with the lack of new solutions. This realization sparked an interest to find the solution that new parents and grandparents were searching for. She teamed up Nikole Rosen who had a youthful approach to social media, and Lubna Salah, who had marketing expertise, to establish Bamboo Little. With their combined skills and experience, they turned Linda's dream into a reality.

Bamboo Little uses environmentally friendly, super soft bamboo fabrics to give each of their products a high-end feel with unique designs at an affordable price. We also use biodegradable cornstarch shipping bags with minimal packaging to help do our part with the environment.

Bamboo Little is the green, snuggly solution that babies feel good in and their parents can feel good about. What better place to start babies off than on the right foot?

Bamboo Little knows baby clothing and accessories can look and feel great while being even better for the environment. As a female-founded family company, we use sustainable bamboo fabrics in all our products to make parents and babies happy and the world a better place.
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