FUNWHOLE is the world's first brand of light bricks. It originates from our basic understanding of the world: the world we live in includes both the day and the indispensable wonderful night.

However, the reality is that there is no such brand that can perfectly express day and night with both lights and bricks, so we create a new lighting bricks brand - FUNWHOLE which to express both beauty of the day and the wonderful bright night.

The brand name FUNWHOLE is a perfect expression of this concept: WHOLE represents the WHOLE world of both day and night; FUN stands for happiness; we hope that our brand can bring everyone the whole happiness of day and night.

'FUNWHOLE' is a combination of the two words "fun" and "whole", meaning "the whole fun of both day and night".
Founded in 2014, based on the desire to fully express the whole beauty of bricks (in day and night), FUNWHOLE is the world's first brand of lighting bricks .

FUNWHOLE is dedicated to the lighting bricks product, with a combination of bricks and lights. FUNWHOLE breeds from lights and bricks, letting lights shine through your bricks and bring your night bricks to life.

Pioneer to bring the first lighting bricks, FUNWHOLE was created to bring back brightness to the night world, making day and night whole with the lighting fun.

Engaged in building a creative brand, FUNWHOLE seeks to reach millions of people with fun and joy.

FUNWHOLE creates more than bricks but also lets the lights shine through bricks, hoping every building brick lover can enjoy the beauty of day and night!
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