Lane Bryant

Few other brands can tout the storied and illustrious past that we have. No other brand can say they were started by a woman even before women had the right to vote. And yet, here we stand, as a woman-founded, woman-led brand, 115 years after Lena Bryant started us on this journey. She was not just a pioneer in fit and fashion, but she held true to decency standards as well, paying her female employees a fair wage and offering health benefits, too.

More than anything, Lena Bryant didn’t believe in don’t, can’t, won’t or no. When she hit a barrier she either knocked it down or she found a way around it. Following in those footsteps, today we start with do, can and will.

We believe in yes. We knock down barriers or find our way around them. We are here because of her. She was, and continues to be, an inspiration for us all.

Today we take that Lena Bryant can-do attitude and use it to create our brand standard, Fit for Curves. What does that mean? The perfect convergence of fashion, fit, comfort and versatility from the inside out. Our Cacique bras and panties are designed for the love of every curve. And we’ll lift, support and comfort yours, no matter what curves life throws your way.
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